Coming out of hibernation

How has the start of the year been for you? An odd question I guess (now we’re a quarter of the way in) but for me, it’s felt like a slow start. I don’t know, I’ve felt a little… stuck. Nothing terrible has happened, but my energy definitely slowed down over the last couple of months. I’ve been finding it difficult to keep up regular gym sessions (my finger hovering over the ‘cancel class’ button on my app has seen more action than my thighs) and well let’s just say sorry about the lack of blog posts guys. I could blame it on time – it’s something I say a lot – I haven’t enough time! And true, I’m pretty busy – full time senior leader at school, part time student and attempting to still be a functional and sociable human has its challenges – but honestly, is it time… or priority?

I’ve had opportunities to hit the gym, or write a blog post, or paint my nails – but could I be bothered? Hell no! I’ve been feeling way too tired and run down with different wintery evil bugs. Perhaps it’s the weather or the winter months. Maybe I overdosed on Hygge. I did spend a hell of a lot on scented candles this winter. But that was then and this is now. With the sun creeping in and finally lighting my walk to work its time to turn over a new leaf. So heres to a New New Year and all the things to look forward to….

  1. Spring time – here I go again claiming its my favourite season when I literally say that about every season, but it comes just when you need it. Time to get off that sofa and appreciate those new flower vibes
  2. Longer days (finally). The clocks spring forward, which is hell on earth for like a day and then your body clock kicks in and hey presto! You no longer need to scurry home to a cosy house after work – there’s a whole world out there bathed in daylight for that much longer (plus it’s one less hour to wait for my favourite meal of the day….) 
  3. Open windows – a small pleasure but a pleasure all the same. I love an open window during the night (not just for the whole sharing a bed with a gaseous being thing), the freshness and sounds of the outdoors are just the one. 
  4. Making plans – Festivals, gigs and going on holiday are all amazing but looking forward and planning can bring just as much pleasure. See you again in a few weeks Rome! 
  5. Sitting outside – or, lets be honest, laying outside. On a blanket, on a bench, on the beach, outside a cafe – yes yes yes.
  6. Brighton Festival – yes, its almost that time for sitting outside the Spiegeltent with a pint and the smell of street food in the air, seeing live music or comedy and generally larking about.
  7. The healthy things – You soak up more vitamin D with the sunlight, sick season is over, more walks and exercising outside, less stodge and more salad….
  8. The promise of summer – all the more to come! Simply writing this post has given me the boost in energy I’ve been needing…. I’M BACK!

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