Nutritional Therapy Consultations in Brighton or via Skype

What happens when you come and see me?

Step 1: The Discovery Call

If you choose to, we can start with a 10-minute phone call to discuss your individual requirements and any health issues, enable you to understand more about my approach and to assess whether nutritional therapy is the most suitable route for you to take and whether I am the right therapist for you.

Step 2: Booking and welcome pack

Once you have booked your appointment, I will then ask you to complete my intake forms, which include a health questionnaire and a food diary, prior to your initial consultation. This will help me to understand your current lifestyle and eating habits so that I can start to build an overall picture of you.

Step 3: Initial Consultation

Your nutritional therapy sessions will begin with a one-to-one consultation where we will discuss in-depth; your health goals, medical & family health history, your current (and prior) diet as well as your symptoms.

As a holistic practitioner, I will ask many questions regarding all the systems in the body and any lifestyle factors such as stress, family or work pressures that could be affecting your health.  By the end of your consultation, I aim to have a clear understanding of factors that may be influencing your current health status.

Together we will devise a bespoke and practical nutrition & lifestyle plan tailored to you personally to support your health, encompassing diet and lifestyle modifications. Supplemental support & functional laboratory testing options and/or medical referrals may also be discussed if appropriate for you.

You will leave with a written plan and then receive added information sheets and additional support to supplement the plan via email.

Step 4: Follow Up Consultations

After your initial consultation we will use follow-up consultations to review your progress, discuss any challenges and build on the nutrition & lifestyle plan. We can make any necessary adjustments to your programme so that I can support and motivate you to continue and succeed. We may also discuss the detail of your programme including meal planning, recipe recommendations, shopping lists, modifications and practicalities of functional laboratory tests.  We’ll also address specific questions you may have following your Initial consultation. 

You may typically need 2 – 4 follow-ups over 3 – 6 months in order that your programme be developed and revised as you progress. However they can continue as frequently or infrequently as you feel you need to reach your goals.

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