Fitness Betrayal

So as far as fitness goes, I’m lucky enough to enjoy it (when I get the time to). That’s the BIG issue with me and my relationship with fitness; I tend to… let’s say neglect it if a tastier model comes a-knocking. Picture the scenario – a loooong day at work has drained all my energy (and sucked away at my soul….joke!)  but needless to say I have my bag packed ready for the gym or to go for a run in my ‘Teacher’s Cupboard’ awaiting the end of the working day. But then, temptation throws a little curve ball – as always – and I get a text off the boyfriend or a friend wanting a catch up. Which usually involves eating. And it’s the only time they’re free. Need I say more? So the bag gets left in the cupboard to fester for another day and I’m afraid I have cheated on my ‘fitness’ with my yummier mistress.

I want to point out here that in my pursuit to find balance, I don’t think choosing a gym class over a chance to see a friend is always good choice anyway. In that respect, I would usually choose the friend/boyfriend, BUT what I need to do is balance my flakiness of not going to the gym with making sure I pick up the slack (not the name of my ever increasing belly pouch – I mean as the saying goes…) elsewhere in my week. Something I am NOT very good at. I also want to get better at sometimes putting my body first – prioritising health on occasion, over that delicious dose of Thai Curry and giggling with a mate. So, fitness to me is all about timing. I love it once I’m there, be it serene in a yoga class, smashing a punchbag or going for a run, but I need zero distractions if I’m going to get there *pictures a full glass of Malbec giving me the eye….*

So within my fitness pages I hope to first of all blog about the different kinds of ways to keep fit I do already, new ventures and try and give you the real life low down (trust me, I’m no contender for Women’s Health yet) on how the experiences go. Should give you all a laugh anyway.


Running in London - I really miss running along the Thames, it's super inspiring
Running in London – I really miss running along    the Thames. Its good for your soul (and bum) 

Post your comments below – What do you do to keep fit?

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