Functional Testing

The Functional Medicine approach is investigative and looks to identify the underlying cause of ill-health rather than simply suppressing symptoms. Part of ‘getting to the root cause’ often requires the interpretation of test results ordered by a General Practitioner or other clinician. As a Nutritional Therapist, a number of laboratories also make cutting-edge functional tests available for use within my clinic.

The results of these tests help me pinpoint any deficiencies or imbalances and to better understand a unique nutritional needs of my clients which can help to correctly identify what is happening within the body. This then supports the decisions made for your personal nutrition plan, supplement choices and lifestyle suggestions. My aim is always to help each client achieve an optimal level of wellness through the use of careful and individualised dietary and lifestyle modification. There are too many functional tests to list however some common choices include;

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

Adrenal Stress Test

Hormone Profiles – including thyroid, female hormones and fertility testing

Functional Blood Chemistry – based upon optimal ranges for optimal health

Food intolerances

Vitamin Profiles

SIBO testing

DNA Testing