Nutrition for Mums

It’s no secret – I came to work in Nutrition inspired by my Mum and her life journey in discovering what is important in health and wellness (read about her here)

Mum’s always amaze me – throughout the world, generation after generation, with their unconditional love and bond with their babes. But being a Mum (as wonderful as it is) is no doubt a toll on the body and mind!

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some Mama’s and their nutrition at different stages and I’ve absolutely loved it;

Pre-Conception Prep

So the first stage is pretty important and often forgotten – nutritionally speaking, we love to work with clients at least 3 months before they even decide to try get pregnant (even longer if you need to detox from anything major like heavy metals).

Preparing the body helps it get to an optimal state to take on the tolls of pregnancy and birth. It helps in terms of improving your chances of falling pregnant and reducing risks of pregnancy complications. Crucially, it can also support the baby’s health even at the egg stage!

I’ve been doing this myself for at least the past 12 months (CONFESSION: I’m a broody mofo)- making changes to my diet, lifestyle, sleep, alcohol intake, stress management, supplement regime, getting to grips with my cycle & what to eat at each stage etc. It can take some work but it’s so worth it. HOWEVER, we know that pregnancies aren’t always planned and sometimes people start to look at their health more seriously once they fall pregnant. This is absolutely fine and brings me onto stage 2…

Pregnancy Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy diet is so important in pregnancy. During this time, your body needs so many additional nutrients, vitamins and minerals – I mean, you’re GROWING A HUMAN. So you need all the building blocks for that – and the baby will take those nutrients wherever it can find them in the body if not from food – which can leave you majorly depleted.

In fact, you may need 350–500 extra calories each day during the second and third trimesters. A diet lacking in key nutrients may negatively affect the baby’s development. Furthermore, poor eating habits and excess weight gain may also increase your risk of gestational diabetes and pregnancy or birth complications.

The food you eat is your baby’s main source of nourishment, so it’s critical to consume foods that are rich in nutrients. Proper nutrition can help promote your baby’s growth and development. Put simply, choosing healthy, nutritious foods will help ensure the health of you and your baby.

Now nobody is looking for a perfect pregnancy diet – that in itself can be added stress (which you DO NOT want) – but getting some guidelines and practical tips from a professional can be just what you need to navigate through all the pregnancy advice banded around out there

Post-Partum Support

So, you had the baby – Hurray! And ouch… your body has done a remarkable job so far, but it aint over yet! Post birth it is so important to replenish, re-nourish and repair.

Those early weeks are when your body is recovering from a huge, life-altering event. Your body has been through the ringer – during birth but also the 9 months previous. So, those postpartum weeks and months are particularly important in terms of nutrition.

Ensuring you’re feeding yourself can be a challenge at this stage, when everything is new and you’re getting to grips with feeding times and naps. But getting the right nutrition here can support your energy levels and help your body repair and replenish any nutrients that may have been depleted.

Now, there is a bit of a myth out there that a healthy diet also affects breastmilk quality – not so true. Your body is INCREDIBLE (but I’ve told you that a million times) and it’s designed to feed the baby no matter what – mother’s milk will provide for and protect baby even in times of hardship and famine.

That doesn’t mean nutrition isn’t important however. You are going through a life changing time – so getting a good balance is so key to help you mentally and physically. Time is precious when you’ve had a baby. The last thing you want to do is spend time cooking and preparing complicated meals, so helping clients to navigate this is essential.

Busy Mum Nutrition

Once you’ve got to grips with Mum-life, you’ve often put your baby before everything else – and sometimes you may have noticed things ‘slipping’ in terms of your own health. I’ve worked with a few mums at this stage who feel sluggish, hormonal and ready to get their health back on track.

Supporting Mums at this stage is great fun, because often you’re not just thinking about individual nutrition but that of a family. Many mum’s do the cooking and their kiddies eat whatever they do which is FABULOUS! Thinking of practical tips to fit in nutrient dense food across a busy jam-packed day can be tricky for parents but a great challenge for us Nutritionists!

Mothers Day Offer

So…Mother’s Day is fast approaching and this year I want to celebrate all you mamas out there (whatever stage you’re at!)

Because I was truly inspired by my own mum and her outlook on life, health, wellness and love and as she’s no longer here to do the Mother’s Day thang, I want to extend my thanks to all the mums out there creating life, getting through the day to day, inspiring their little ones and generally being amazing.

So this Mother’s Day treat yourself or a mum you know who would love to put themselves first for once AND take £20 off any package until the end of March 2020! 

💕 Be Well Package: 

Initial case analysis and clinical health assessment (1 hour)

Your bespoke health plan – personalised to you and your health goals 

Supplement recommendations 

1 x 40min follow-up consultations (includes updated dietary & supplemental programme) 

Email support throughout     

Additional material & handouts

£105 (usually £125)

🤱🏻Glowing Mama Package: 

Initial case analysis and clinical health assessment (1 hour)

Your practical mama health plan – personalised to you, your health goals & your busy mum lifestyle 

Specialised supplement & functional testing recommendations

2 x 40min follow-up consultations (includes updated dietary & supplemental programme) 

Email support throughout     

Additional material & handouts

£155 (usually £175)

Email for appointments, details or to book a FREE 10min taster call.

Check out some of the testimonials from Mama’s I’ve worked with!

“After a year (nearly two) of growing, caring for and breastfeeding my son I felt that motherhood was taking its toll – I was tired, physically and mentally, and falling into bad habits with food for quick energy fixes  – I’d never eaten so much toast in my life! I was ready to take better care of myself and so I turned to Jo. Focusing on my cycle she explored food groups and supplements that would support me at different points and the results were pretty much instant! Small tweaks to my lifestyle such as no caffeine after 12pm and no snacks before have quickly become ingrained and I feel so much better for it. Jo approaches the consultations holistically – it’s not all about food. She is a brilliant educator who recognises you can nourish yourself in many ways. As someone who likes to ‘treat’ myself with food I particularly liked her suggestion to find sweetness in other activities and make time for myself. I can’t recommend Jo enough – she has inspired, motivated and taught me so much in only a couple of sessions and my whole family is benefitting. “

Rachel – March 2020

“After having my little one I started to find it difficult to eat properly. I’d got into some bad habits whilst pregnant and when you’ve got a baby, you often just grab the nearest thing to snack on. However, it’s definitely a time when you need to eat well. I wanted to give my baby the best start by eating healthily whilst breastfeeding. Jo has helped me to work out a diet that’s beneficial whilst breastfeeding. She was careful not to eliminate anything, and supported my needs whilst recovering from birth. She came up with some insightful suggestions and set me back on the right track in terms of my diet, supplements and general wellbeing. We looked at foods to boost my immune system, , aid weight loss, increase my energy and also my mental wellbeing. I’d highly recommend working with Jo if you’re a new mum and want some much needed nutritional support.”

Kiri – Feb 2020

I don’t use this phrase lightly trust me, but Jo has been a literal life saver. Over 2 years ago I was in the depths of anxiety and PTSD due to a traumatic event. A year and a half ago came my daughter and with her birth followed post natal depression. I was on medication (Sertraline) and I found it just made me numb and I wanted to be able to “feel” again. Coming off the meds came with it’s struggles of horrible side effects. The anxiety, depression and PTSD became increasingly more intense and I felt stuck as to what to do. That’s when I saw Jo, she went through everything with me – my history of medication, anti biotics, sleeping patterns, diet to name but a few things. She was sensitive to a few tough answers I was giving her, she was approachable and incredibly trustworthy and of course knowledgeable. She put my mind at ease straight away so I felt comfortable in her capable hands. I walked away with a brain full of new knowledge, a brand new meal plan filled with all good and tasty things (turns out I wasn’t eating enough, and when I was eating it was ALL the wrong things!) and for me, most importantly a new mindset. My mindset now is to follow in what Jo has taught me, as I must start looking after myself (otherwise how am I meant to be looking after anyone else if I’m broken?). I saw Jo around 6 weeks ago.. and I cannot tell you the difference that I saw in my mood, energy levels and sleeping in just under a week. I couldn’t believe it. I am forever grateful to Jo for not just changing my life around for the better but also for helping those around me too. My dishes at home are more colourful (who doesn’t love a rainbow?) and I’m more able to do things now and that’s totally medication free too. Thank you x

Tess – October 2019

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