Pottering around

I’ve been pretty busy ‘teacher-ing’ this week – back to school and the madness is real. In between having a ridiculous amount of work, grabbing a quick pint with friends, going to boxercise and a pretty horrific trip to the dental hygienist – I’ve been trying to keep pretty balanced. I made a pact with myself to not be ‘that girl’ who says no to making after work arrangements (no matter how tired I am) and this has meant I’ve got to the weekend pretty knackered to say the least. My body is telling me to chill out and I’m listening. So today has been dedicated to doing one of my favourite things; Pottering Around.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being busy, love going out, love going to the beach, love going to festivals or anything that requires a lot of energy. But in my down-time, I like nothing more than pottering around my flat, drinking endless cups of tea, cooking delicious food and making the place look nice.

Tips for a perfect potter;

Tea is a must (of course) cake is a bonus, gorgeous boyfriend (check)



Walk on the beach, headphones in, sunglasses on.




Flat time (avoid cleaning at all costs, life is JUST too short… but on the other hand, a tidy flat is lush. Maybe I should get a cleaner? Seems far to fancy… but still…) Yep ‘flat time’ is anything dedicated to your inner being, from the guilty (chocolate and a crap magazine) to the rewarding (reading, learning, doing) – to be balanced you’ve GOT to have dedicated flat time.



(Me looking smug about being all balanced and that)


Peace out everyone, enjoy pottering!


J x

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