Roadmap to health package

The Roadmap to Health Package

Break away from bad habits and get back on track with my ‘Roadmap to Health’ package.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Initial consultation: a comprehensive analysis of your symptoms so I can begin to build your path to optimal health.
  • Follow-up consultation: we’ll check in at a later date to monitor your progress and review your plan in detail.
  • Bespoke plan tailored to your body, your needs and your goals.
  • Priority email response for clients to answer questions and offer additional guidance.
  • Resources provided to support your success.
  • PLUS Recommended supplements, if applicable, provided by The Natural Dispensary [easy checkout – timely delivery to your door].
  • Exclusive to my clients: you can finally get answers with Thriva at home testing . The check provides results for key health markers dependent on your health needs in just one finger-prick blood sample (non-contact delivery by post). You won’t be left with a printout full of numbers. I’ll tell you exactly what the results mean and use them to create your custom roadmap.

The total cost to invest in your health is from £195* (*dependent on the test you choose) 


Here's what to expect;

  1. Book your free Discovery call
  2. Fill out your health questionnaire + food diary.
  3. Initial comprehensive health assessment: we deep dive into your medical history to get at the root cause of your symptoms
  4. Take action with total clarity
  5. Follow up appointments: according to your goals we’ll schedule your next appointment to assess your next steps.

Read what clients have said about my services:

“I was badly in need of postnatal nutrition. After months of eating biscuits and chain-drinking caffeine I was feeling sub-par. To make matters worse my hair was falling out by the handful from lack of nutrients and hormone imbalance. Jo gave me such hope that I can quickly turn myself around with a bit of nutrient support! And she didn’t tell me I have to completely quit coffee!” – Jenna St John, Mum of 2

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