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There’s a famous quote* ‘You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body’. I love this quote – its what I truly believe. Everything is energy, including you and therefore what you radiate into your own life, be it positive or negative, the universe will resonate the same back.

I’ve had to make much more of an effort to ‘vibrate at a higher frequency’ (in other words ‘think positively’ … although you might have a stranger image in your mind?!) of late. With the passing of my Mum recently and then my Grandma soon after, it would have been an easy route to start to think “why me? why now? isn’t life unfair!” Life isn’t unfair, its just a balance. Light and dark, old and new, happy and sad. Feel the lows and appreciate the highs.

Thinking about souls and bodies made me realise how the two also need to be balanced. To keep the soul shining you’ve got to look after the shell. No, not just look after it – fix it, polish it, nourish it, manicure it!. So thats what I’ve been doing…

As I’ve said before I’m a bit of a flake at times – no, hang on… positive thinking…. I’m ‘open to new experiences’, so settling on a favourite type of exercise is something I haven’t necessarily done yet. Growing up I was obsessed with dancing. Seriously. I used to eat, sleep and breathe it. I’d dance whilst waiting for a bus, watch endless classics of Gene Kelly, prance around the 6th Form common room. It must have been extremely annoying.

As I got older, I found less time for it and now as a 30yr old ‘used-to-be-dancer’, if I ever find myself in a dance class I can’t help but feel like the one on Strictly who’s been carted on for comedy value. Instead I’ve ventured into literally every avenue of exercise I can think of. Spin, Zumba, Pump, Circuits, Step (which is ridiculous and clicky by the way), you name it, I’ve probably given it a good bash. I’ve managed to whittle it down to three ‘so hot right now’ choices that seem to suit me at the moment…

my nikes

I always loved the Nike phrase ‘Just Do It’ – I honestly apply it to my day to day and I’ve been sucked in like a zombie to gunfire (thank you Series 6 Walking Dead) to the consumer dream. My Nike runners are one of my favourite items of clothing. Not because they are awesome and neon (which they are) but because when I put them on, I know whatever is going on, when I take them back off again an hour or so later, my heart will be lighter and my soul shines.

The weeks leading up to my mum passing (I need to think of a better word for that… ) I ran a lot. Everyday in fact. Not to combat the ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude I seemed to have to eating treats or my sometimes unbalanced wine to green juice ratio (although I’m sure it helped) but because once those endorphins kicked in, and the Yorkshire wind whistled into my lungs, I came home lifted and stronger. Running does that for me. Pounding the prom on Hove Beach or scrambling the hills up north, music on, fresh air…. it’s so much cheaper than therapy.

My run view near my parents house...
My run view near my parents house…

Unfortunately, running for me is also like seeing a long-distance friend for coffee. Whilst I’m doing it I think, why don’t I do this all the time! But alas once I’m out of the habit, it can be hard to get back into it, especially as the nights are darker and my knees are basically buggered.

I tried combating this with other forms of exercise. I joined Boxercise Bootcamp in Hove for a couple of months and it was truly brilliant. Hitting a punching bag/ person as hard as you can is more fun than it probably should be. I felt like Rocky. I loved it. BUT it costs a fair bob so I used up my intro membership and will have to return once I win the Euromillions. Which I plan to be soonish.

Most recently, I’ve started Bikram Yoga (the hot one), which I also love even though it goes against my natural trait of wanting to be really good at things. I’m not so good. In fact I have a feeling I’m pretty awful at it… Let’s not talk too much about how I feel like a sausage getting into its skin when I go to the changing rooms (I can’t wear my normal black leggings and baggy vest as I will actually combust.) and let’s ignore the fact that my flexibility can be directly compared with Mr Bean… I really enjoy sweating out all the toxins and feeling like my body is challenged in the best way. I may leave looking like The Joker but I certainly don’t feel insane.

Inner peace, outer strength.

Keep that shell polished my dears x



*Quote is attributed to George MacDonald – C.S. Lewis actually didn’t say it…

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