Super Salad Dressings

Dress your salads gang (but make it homemade)⁠.⁠.⁠

Shop bought salad dressings are usually super high with bloating amounts of salt and sugar as well as sketchy dyes and preservatives. But making your own dressing at home doesn’t have to be rocket (salad) science! ⁠

 Many veggies on your salads (roasted or raw) contain fat-soluble vitamins and phytonutrients which are better absorbed in the body if you include some kind of healthy fat in your dressing – the top dog for me is Olive Oil. The simplest dressing can be olive oil, fresh lemon (gives you a vitamin C boost) or Apple Cider Vinegar, sea salt and pepper – so freaking simple. ⁠

But if you want something a little more special then check out my favourites;

The method for each one is the same – add the ingredients to a jar and shake! (Top tip; Taste as you go, add a small amount of salt at first then more if you need to)

Creamy tahini dressing (best on roasted veg – especially roasted broccoli & cauliflower)

Olive Oil
Lemon juice or Apple Cider Vinegar
Salt & Pepper
Dash of warm water

Yoghurt & Parsley dressing (best for griddled veg or meat and quinoa)

Plain full fat
organic yogurt (dairy or dairy free)
Lemon juice
Chopped parsley
Grated garlic
Olive oil

Good Green Dressing (goes with EVERYTHING)

Tahini (again…)
Apple Cider Vinegar
Spring Onions
Fresh herb of your choice – parsley or coriander works well)
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
For a better result put this one in a blender

Sunshine Dressing (best on green salads with crunchy carrots or cabbage)

Olive Oil
Fresh lime
turmeric or saffron

Fresh Pesto dressing

Fresh basil leaves or rocket
soaked pine nuts or cashews
garlic clove
lemon juice
olive oil
water to loosen
whizz it up in a blender and hey pesto! (sorry)

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