Helping people to feel their best & getting to the root cause of their health problems is my favourite part of the job! Check out what my clients say about me…

I don’t use this phrase lightly trust me, but Jo has been a literal life saver. Over 2 years ago I was in the depths of anxiety and PTSD due to a traumatic event. A year and a half ago came my daughter and with her birth followed post natal depression. I was on medication (Sertraline) and I found it just made me numb and I wanted to be able to “feel” again. Coming off the meds came with it’s struggles of horrible side effects. The anxiety, depression and PTSD became increasingly more intense and I felt stuck as to what to do. That’s when I saw Jo, she went through everything with me – my history of medication, anti biotics, sleeping patterns, diet to name but a few things. She was sensitive to a few tough answers I was giving her, she was approachable and incredibly trustworthy and of course knowledgeable. She put my mind at ease straight away so I felt comfortable in her capable hands. I walked away with a brain full of new knowledge, a brand new meal plan filled with all good and tasty things (turns out I wasn’t eating enough, and when I was eating it was ALL the wrong things!) and for me, most importantly a new mindset. My mindset now is to follow in what Jo has taught me, as I must start looking after myself (otherwise how am I meant to be looking after anyone else if I’m broken?). I saw Jo around 6 weeks ago.. and I cannot tell you the difference that I saw in my mood, energy levels and sleeping in just under a week. I couldn’t believe it. I am forever grateful to Jo for not just changing my life around for the better but also for helping those around me too. My dishes at home are more colourful (who doesn’t love a rainbow?) and I’m more able to do things now and that’s totally medication free too. Thank you x

Tess 10/10/19

Talking to Jo made me realise I had formed some really unhelpful beliefs about food and how I was using it. Food was either ‘good’ or ‘bad’’. Jo helped me un-pick those beliefs and taught me that every time you eat, it’s an opportunity to nourish your body – and that really stuck with me. I now find when I’m deciding what to eat I’m focusing on what will make me feel good – rather than what I think will make me smaller or bigger. Since working with Jo I’ve made small changes – like cutting back on gluten and dairy – which have made a huge difference. I now feel less bloated and have higher energy levels – but most importantly, I feel like I’m starting to repair my relationship with food and how I view it.

After each session with Jo, I come away not only feeling great – but also having learnt something new. Jo is a fantastic listener and will genuinely make you feel like you are her only client. I can’t recommend Jo highly enough.

Emma 10/10/19

I can’t recommend Jo enough – her knowledge is first class, she takes a holistic approach and best of all she is simply a lovely human who genuinely cares and takes time to get to know you and your history. Following Jo’s advice to make tweaks in my diet, combined with her supplement recommendations, really gave my health a boost and opened my eyes to where I was failing to fuel my body properly (protein + hydration are pretty essential!) and greatly improved my long standing gut health issues. In a world full of diet/health/nutrition nonsense Jo cuts through the BS and gives clear advice that is easy to implement and stick to. Thanks for everything Jo!

Amanda 7/10/19