Helping you find missing piece of the wellness puzzle

You feel like you’re doing ‘ok’ with your health – you’re eating reasonably well, getting a bit of exercise here and there. You may have even felt like you’ve tried lots of wellness ‘trends’ – detoxes, online plans, classes, workshops – but still, you don’t feel as good as you could, you have that one issue, that one health niggle that you’ve never cracked. There’s a missing piece to the puzzle and you just can’t put your finger on what it is. 


A large part of being a holistic wellness practitioner is putting all the pieces of the puzzle in the box for you – and often this requires us to look deeply, do some digging and find out what that missing piece is. 


We all know 2 heads are better than one – which is why working alongside Acupuncturist, Cara Beckinsale with my nutrition clients has brought some fantastic results. We’ve had some great success stories and have therefore decided to offer you lucky lot a brand new package! 

The Jigsaw Package allows 2 practitioners to work jointly on YOU and your individual health needs.
It includes:

2 x Acupuncture sessions with Cara
2 x 1:1 Nutrition Sessions with Jo

  • First acupuncture session is an in- depth study of your case and then a treatment.
  • Initial consultations: a comprehensive analysis of your symptoms & food diary analysis so we can begin to build your path to optimal health.
  • Follow-up consultation: we’ll check in at a later date to monitor your progress. Jo will review your plan in detail whilst Cara will actively continue to rebalance the body.
  • Bespoke plans are tailored to your body, your needs and your goals.
  • Priority email response for clients to answer questions and offer additional guidance.
  • Resources, meal plans and recipes provided to support your success.
  • Guidance into functional testing and test results if needed
  • PLUS recommended supplements, if applicable, provided by The Natural Dispensary [easy checkout – timely delivery to your door].

The total no-surprises cost to invest in your health over 2 months: £250

Why acupuncture & nutrition make the perfect pair

Acupuncture is often well known for its incredible pain-relieving effects. However, this is just small element of what acupuncture can actually do to support the body. Using acupuncture to only work on muscle or joint pain is like buying an Iphone and only using it as a calculator. Acupuncture has far reaching effects, from relieving stress and anxiety, supporting hormone balance, insomnia and even allergies as well as much more.


Nutrition then plays an important role by supplying your body with essential vitamins and nutrients appropriate and personal to you. Nutrients are the building blocks your body relies on to run everything from brain function to digestion to hormone production. These nutrients also help to make up your life energy or Chi. The quality of Chi that flows through your body is directly related to the types and amounts of food you consume. Give your vehicle bad fuel and it will run poorly. Acupuncture cleverly then helps move Chi throughout your body optimally, unblocking channels and delivering nutritional support to all the major systems, helping them run smoothly and optimally.

Of course, you can get nutrients without acupuncture and release blocked energy without proper nutrition. But when acupuncture and nutrition work together in an easy to follow plan, you can expect faster, better and more significant results.

Now, more than ever is the best time to get on top of your health once and for all. The global situation has highlighted for many of us how valuable our health is – we can think of no better investment

If you have any questions or interested in trying acupuncture and nutrition together, contact Cara or myself and we’ll get you booked in!



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